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5 Benefits of Using a Responsive Web Design for Business

responsive web design
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With the rise of mobile phones and tablets, responsive web design is more critical than ever. If you’re in the digital industry, you should already know that. And if your business is not digitally incorporated, it’s time for an update. Also, if you’re starting a business, responsive, and creative web design is a must. Here’s what Just 99 Web Design (a Dallas, TX-based company) says about this.

Using a Responsive Web Design Benefits

Here are 5 benefits of using a responsive website design.

#1. Increased Traffic From Mobile Users

There used to be times when businesses had to create two versions of one website. One for desktop visitors, and one strictly for mobile visitors.

This practice is still not that uncommon nowadays, but maintaining two websites is time-consuming and unnecessary, especially when there’s an alternative. And that alternative is a creative web design that automatically adjusts according to the screen that it’s viewed on.

#2. Easy on Budget & Website Maintenance

Now that you don’t need two separate websites and maintain only one, a responsive design lowers the costs in the long run. This is excellent news for small businesses and fresh startups.

Of course, the price, in the beginning, might seem a bit higher, but the reduced cost of maintaining two separate websites adds up.

Also, a responsive website design takes less time to set up.

#3. A Seamless User Experience

A non-responsive website would probably distort the way it appears on mobile devices. Think of jumbled texts, not aligned images, long scrolling, etc.

This would drag away your mobile visitors. And in the first quarter of 2020, mobile devices generated more than  51% of global website traffic. You wouldn’t want to miss that kind of traffic, would you?

It’s best to avoid this scenario, and it’d be worthwhile to evaluate the quality of your website design.

#4. Decent Exposure on All Screens

With a design like this, you’re way ahead of your competitors. This is why you should make sure your web design agency offers responsive designs.

In 2020, your website should be able to seamlessly cater to newer devices with which users may surf the Internet. Smartwatches and IoT devices included. When it comes to small business website design, it should always be a responsive one.

#5. Better SEO Results

Responsive websites have a better likelihood of ranking high in search engines. It’s as easy as that.

When your efforts focus on user experience and provide your online visitors with high-quality content, you will benefit from a good ranking position and many return customers. Making users stick around for the long run should be your ultimate goal.

Google recommends responsive website design, and it’s clear that this is key when it comes to SEO across all platforms.

Whether you’re in or around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area or not, Just 99 Web Design is the web design agency that can help you create a responsive website representing your business correctly. Our services are available worldwide!

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