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Best Web Programming Languages

Web Programming Languages
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Technology has taken over, and everyone is in a rush to learn new skills or develop their existing skills. Web development is one of the skills which is in demand these days. With most of the companies going online, they either need someone who can design a web page or are looking for people who can manage and maintain their existing web pages.

To maintain or make a webpage from scratch, you might need a little insight into the best web programming languages that can give a jump start and help you pave your way to getting a job in the web development sector. Here are a few front-end and back-end best web languages to help you excel in your web development career.

There are two aspects of web programming languages that make a website.

Front End

The front-end programming languages are used to create the ‘Front’ of the website. The front is what the visitors see and interact with. The web developer must make it as unique as possible. To develop the website’s front end, we have a list of the web programming languages.


HTML Or HyperText Markup Language is the core of every front end of the website. HTML can be considered a building block when we talk about the front end web programming languages. This language includes the structure of the webpage and different elements of the webpage. HTML helps the browser display the content, and it is used to create the web page layout. All browsers also support it, but it has fewer security features. It requires a lot of coding to make a visually pleasing HTML website.


CSS and HTML go hand in hand. CSS makes it easier for the HTML elements on the website to be displayed. CSS is simple to use, and it helps to personalize and make the web pages look attractive. Whether you need to embed images or videos or any media files, CSS allows you to make your website look aesthetically pleasing to the viewers’ eyes. There are many different applications and webpages available to help a web developer quickly understand and write this language for your web page. Since it is easy to use and is supported by most browsers, it is undoubtedly one of the best web programming languages a web developer should learn to excel in this field.

Java Script

Java Script is the most used web programming language in the world. All the websites we see runs on big javascript names such as YouTube, Facebook. All these websites use JavaScript. It is used to create dynamic and interactive web pages to enhance the experience of the visitors of any website. If a web developer is in his early stages of front-end development, learning javascript is critically required.

Back End

The other aspect of web programming is the back-end program. Here the real magic happens. The main focus on the back end of any web page includes managing the database, the scripts involved, and the website’s architecture, such as creating a simple account login or purchasing something from an online store.

These are the best web programming languages for back-end development.


Most of the websites use PHP on the back end as it is an open-source scripting language widely used. It is free, easy to use, and free to download as well. A web developer can easily create dynamic page content using PHP. Creating files, reading files, writing, deleting, and closing files on the server is done via PHP. It is also used to modify the entries in the database of your website.

PHP falls under the category of top programming languages as it runs on almost all platforms whether you are using a windows pc or a MacBook. It has no compatibility issue with any server, and it is supported by all ranges of a database that are available to use and store data on.


Second on the list is JAVA. Java is the most used and most popular programming language in the world. It is an object-oriented language that allows web developers to have an exact look at the program’s structure and can reuse the code anywhere else. It is an open-source language that is free and easy to use. The community support is tremendous when it comes to Java. It is not identical but the same as C++ or C#, making it easier for the programmers to shift from C++ and C# to Java. It is used to develop mobile applications, databases, web servers, and web applications.


When we talk about back-end development, we cannot forget the famous Python language. Python is usually used to develop web applications. As it works on almost all platforms, whether you are using a Windows PC or Linux or even a MacBook. Python’s syntax is identical to the English language; hence it is easy to use and understand. It can handle a large amount of data with ease and perform complex mathematical calculations with ease. Python is capable of modifying files in database systems. As it is written on an interpreter system, the prototyping is rapid. It can be used in both a practical or object-oriented way, even if used procedurally.

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