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Your logo is your customer's first impression of your business. Make sure it's a good one. Here are three signs you may need a new logo: 1. Your logo doesn't adapt well to modern media. Welcome to the digital era - where there is no one size fits all model. While your logo may look great on paper or in a print ad, it needs to work on screens, billboards, magazines, and more. The logo must work across several mediums." 2. Your logo isn't memorable among competitors. Is your logo a DIY project? If so, it may be time for a professional to step in. A professional logo design company will assess your competitive landscape: the colors used, the typography, symbols, etc. Based on research, a professional logo design company, such as Just 99 Web Design, will create optimized logos that make your business stand out among the rest. 3. Your logo doesn't represent your business. Over time, your business is likely to change. Perhaps you started with one product or service. Later, you may find yourself growing and diversifying. If your logo doesn't reflect your business value proposition, it's time for a change. Bottom line: If it doesn't authentically represent your brand's purpose and personality, it's time for a change. Visit Just 99 Web Design for a free logo consultation>

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