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The Best UX Practices & SEO Companies in Dallas

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If you are looking for web design and SEO companies in Dallas is a highly competitive area to consider. Digital marketing is booming in Texas, and companies are happy to be working remotely with customers. Speaking of digital marketing, UX (user experience) is one of the most important aspects of any online strategy. And when it comes to a strictly defined UX, many things need to be considered.

User Experience & SEO Companies in Dallas

Just 99 Web Design (some people call us Agency 99) focuses on maintaining and building a website on a strict level of success. Here’s what we do.

Optimizing Website Design for SEO

Many design factors impact search rankings. What many SEO companies in Dallas fail to realize is that ranking is not just based on a keyword-oriented content and backlinks. Essential elements such as file naming, image tagging, use of coding, and side speed contribute to the equation.

#1. File Names

A website gets so much better ranking when all the elements, including the file names, are keyword-optimized. This is an excellent opportunity to include your main keywords without getting a penalty for stuffing.

#2. Internal Linking Structure

Including a sitemap on a website makes it easier for search engines to find their way around it and help the crawlers determine what the website is optimized for—considering a basic internal link structure before the design is a good idea.

#3. Titles, Subtitles & Highlighter Keywords

It’s a well-known fact that including a keyword in the title and headers help with the ranking, but coding to highlight a keyword in your content is also helpful. However, overdoing it might get you a penalty, and Agency 99 would never recommend stuffing keywords in titles.

#4. Site Speed & Responsiveness

The faster a site is, the better experience a user will have, and the more Google will reward you. So, when it comes to the initial design, thinking of lightness is vital. Also, that light design should be mobile-friendly and quickly responsive to fit any screen and look good at the same time.

#5. Written Content

There are two general ways of handling written content – keeping it short or going all over the place. Usually, designers prefer the first minimalistic approach in favor of more images and white space. However, the written content is crucial for Google. Most of the SEO companies in Dallas have found the perfect middle ground that provides plenty of content for ranking purposes but is also clean enough not to affect the design.

Solutions & More Tips – Agency 99

If you take the “content is king” expression for granted, you should take all the other page elements (apart from text content only) as part of that content as well. Here, at Just 99 Web Design, we optimize every aspect that takes any role in the design. In the end, the efforts should be aimed at both pleasing both human users and search engines.

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